President Filipe Jacinto Nyusi

Who is Filipe Jacinto Nyusi?

For every Mandela there is sadly a Mobuto or Mugabe. Which is Nyusi?

We all know that he is the fourth president of the beautiful but deeply troubled land of Mozambique. But few outside the country know much about him.

Is he a force for good – someone who will bring Mozambique from being one of the poorest and most corrupt places on the Planet to a country that starts to fulfil its destiny as somewhere with enormous reserves of vital natural resources and therefore inherent natural wealth?

Or is he someone who will continue the shameful trend that has been all too apparent over the recent years? His blatant attempt to pretend that he knew nothing about the $2 billion projects for maritime protection and surveillance, a fishing fleet and associated infrastructure, despite being defense minister seems unbelievable. The recent election results, with multiple tales of violence and vote-rigging, do not fill us with hope. But maybe we will be proved wrong.

This website is dedicated to try to find out the truth. We are a group of independent people, some journalists,

some from NGOs, some just ordinary folk, but all with a single ambition – we want wonderful Mozambique to flourish, to fulfil its destiny, to help our people reap the fruits that they deserve.

We are not aligned with Renamo, MDM, Amusi or Frelimo – we are politically independent and agnostic.

Over the coming months we will be keeping watch on President Nyusi. We will be reporting on progress – we will be reporting on the backward steps. We are going to delve into the President’s past and see what else needs to be brought into the open.

If you have any information that you think is relevant about Filipe Nyusi, or about what is happening in Mozambique, please send it to us. For instructions on how to do this, please click here.

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